Phytobiotics Asia meeting in Pattaya

PHYTOBIOTICS ASIA recently hosted its 2nd biennial Asia-Pacific distributor meeting in Pattaya, Thailand, to share marketing expe- riences and update some 40 members from countries around the region on the results of recent field trials for SANGROVIT® and PLEXOMIN in Asia. The next meeting is scheduled for 2019.

Animal protein marketers face new competitors, says experts

Demand for animal protein will keep growing despite market turbulence driven by radically changing eating habits of millennials, public health concerns and greater acceptance of plant-based protein sources.

In a presentation at the World Nutrition Forum hosted by Biomin, David Hughes, emeritus professor of food marketing at Imperial College London, predicted that poultry and fish will be the top protein choices in the future.

Beef, he added, is “in the firing line” due to greenhouse gas emissions from rumen-based digestion. Citing National Geographic magazine, he claimed that it takes 1,800 gallons of fresh water to pro- duce one pound of beef.

“This is not in tune with customers who prefer environmental friendly products,” said Prof. Hughes.

In the 1950’s, beef was the top choice. But now beef consumption in Great Britain and France has plummeted due to reasons related to health, economic and environmental concerns.

Sanitary standards must be raised in the meat industry. Even though food producers and animal protein processors may not be able to extract a premium for keeping up with more rigorous requirements, they will pay a steep price if they are unable to keep up with the changing rules. Read more>


Special Nutrients Inc marks 30th anniversary

Special Nutrients representatives at the recent VIV Asia 2017: (From left) Andy Nicolaou, Asia marketing manager; Fernando Tamames III, vice-president; Margarita Trujano, DVM MSc, technical director of swine pathology and histopathology; and Jose Larger, DVM, MBE, technical director.

SPECIAL NUTRIENTS, a company ded- icated to identifying and solving the issues and problems that mycotoxins cre- ate, has passed the 30-year milestone.

“The Mycotoxin Specialists” have assisted customers throughout the world with science-based solutions and prod- ucts offering in vitro efficacy against mycotoxins on a lot-by-lot basis, in vivo testing with Target Organ Protection,

Jefo president and founder Jean Fontaine at VIV Asia

(10th left) Jean Fontaine, Jefo president and founder, together with his market- ing and technical team at VIV Asia in Bangkok. Founded in Canada in 1982, Jefo has grown exponentially over the years, with its products now sold in 57 countries. One of Jefo’s core competen- cies is matrix technology for targeted delivery of active compounds, nutrients and enzymes for improved feed conver- sion and increased body weight. n

and evidence of controlling and limiting mycotoxin damage through pathology and histopathology at the farm or slaugh- terhouse level.

A philosophy of education through a team of technical directors, trials and thorough knowledge of the issues fac- ing the industry makes Special Nutrients and their products unique and sets them apart from the competition.


Novus International names new regional sales director

NOVUS INTERNATIONAL INC has announced the appointment of Ms Nannapas Moonsap as regional sales director for Thailand and Indochina.

Ms Nannapas will be responsible for leading the Thai sales team and devel- oping Novus’s business in Indochina. She will also oversee distributor man- agement, customer service and busi- ness growth within the region.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in ani- mal nutrition and an MBA in market- ing from Ramkhamhaeng University.



Jefo president and founder Jean Fontaine at VIV Asia

(10th left) Jean Fontaine, Jefo president and founder, together with his market- ing and technical team at VIV Asia in Bangkok. Founded in Canada in 1982, Jefo has grown exponentially over the years, with its products now sold in 57 countries. One of Jefo’s core competencies is matrix technology for targeted delivery of active compounds, nutrients and enzymes for improved feed conversion and increased body weight.


ERBER Group to open pig health research centre in Thailand

ERBER GROUP has announced plans to open a new clinical research center for pig health in

(left) Dr Chongrak Wachrinrat and Dr Erich Erber


collaboration with Kasetsart University at the Khamphaeng Saen Campus in Nakhon Pathom.

Announced in March at VIV Asia 2017 in Bangkok by Dr Erich Erber, founder of BIOMIN and the ERBER Group, and Kasetsart University President Dr Chongrak Wachrinrat, the research agreement aims to promote the application of technology and innovation in animal nutri- tion and animal health.

The research initiative includes a new 2,300-sq-m research centre based on a design concept created by swine expert Ferry Entenfellner DVM in collaboration with Dr Kai Grathwohl, director of division R&D and business devel- opment at SANPHAR. Construction is set to begin in 2017.

The state-of-the-art facilities will be the first of their kind in Asia outside of China and Korea and will be equipped with advanced HEPA filter ventilation and waste disinfec- tion systems. Research will have a particular focus on bios- ecurity and development of innovative technologies in the field of animal health.


Big Dutchman unveils major logistics centre in Malaysia

DUTCHMAN has opened a new 26,000-sq-m regional head office with an attached logistics centre worth 25 million euros in Port Klang, Malaysia.

Bernd Meerpohl, CEO of the BD group, said the location is the largest and most modern centre of its kind in the Big Dutchman family, and is intended to serve the Asia-Pacific region.

Six out of every 10 hen eggs in the world are laid in

Asia. The continent with 60% of the world’s population produces nearly a third of all poultry meat worldwide as well as half of all finishing pigs. Also, demand for animal products is increasing, he noted. Read more>


Bentoli AgriNutrition unveils Core Four

BENTOLI launches “Core Four” which consists of Pelex/Pegabind (pellet binders), Amonex (mould inhibitors), Fixar (mycotoxin binders) and Pollstress (anti-stress agents). On hand were key customers from Asia, the Americas and Europe along with Bentoli management, including (left) Edward Robinson, president of Bentoli AgriNutrition Asia, Opas Chaiyakul, sales and marketing director, and William A. Robinson Sr, chairman.


Anpario debuts in Asia

EXECUTIVES FROM ANPARIO PLC, a UK-based manufacturer of natural feed additives, at the recent VIV Asia 2017. The company recently bought a number of leading feed additives brands namely, Kiotechagil, Optivite and Meriden.

(From left) Zouhair Al Chadlaoui, com- mercial manager Middle East & North Africa; Dr Nantharaporn Kumtan, regional sales manager; Richard Edward, CEO and Dr Richard Chong, commercial director Asia Pacific.



New product overcomes variability in fat and oils

KEMIN ASIA PACIFIC recently unveiled LYSOFORTETM Liquid, a product that it claims improves feed cost and animal growth performance via better fat and nutrient absorption.

Dr C Sugumar and Dr Wantanee Paisarnakanee

“Trials showed that LYSOFORTETM Liquid increased the energy and nutri- tion value of fat and oil,” said Dr C. Sugumar, Kemin Asia Pacific’s business line manager for lipid nutrition.

Tests performed by Kemin’s Customer Laboratory Service on more than 500 samples have found as much as 30% variation in apparent metabolizable energy (AME) values for a single oil type.

To iron out inconsistencies, Dr Sugumar recommends, LYSOFORTETM Liquid, which has been shown to accelerate the hydrolysis of triglycerides – the main constituents of oils and fats – intomonoglycerides and free fatty acids, which are readily and rapidly absorbed by the epithelial cells of the intestine. Read more>


Aviagen appoints new hatchery tech manager

AVIAGEN® has appointed Dr Ampai Nangsuay as its new hatchery techni- cal service manager for Asia Pacific. Ms Ampai will be responsible for providing in-depth customer support in the hatch- ery and communicating new develop- ments and research on incubation.

Ms Ampai has a Master of Science degree in animal nutrition and feed technology from Kasetsart University, Thailand, and a Ph.D from Wageningen University in the Netherlands.




Latest real-time process control presented at VIV Asia

iannis Christodoulou (right) and Channarong Preechakul (4th left) accompanied by marketing and engineering team at the exhibition

AGENTIS INNOVATIONS AND TAT ENERGY AND ENGINEERING participated with great success in the VIV Asia 2017. The com- panies presented the latest Industry 4.0 technology applicable to feed mill plants. Visitors at the booth had the opportunity to experience these innovative systems via a live demonstration of how the latest in intelligent process control technology and intelligent sensor technologies can assist every feed mill operation in Asia to achieve the dual aims of producing feed at a consistent high quality and at opti- mal operating efficiency. The highlight of the show was the company’s ‘M007 Real- time In-line Dry Mater Compensation’ system.

Cost-effectiveness sets Selko IntelliBond apart

TROUW NUTITION’S new Selko IntelliBond hydroxy trace minerals are destined to transform mineral nutrition in livestock, according to Haiko Zuidhoff, general manager for Trouw Nutrition Asia-Pacific.

Haiko Zuidhoff and Ramakanta Nayak

Hydroxy trace minerals represent a new standard for mineral nutrition. Already used extensively in the US, the product is being brought to Asia following Trouw Nutrition’s acquisition of US-based Micronutrients last year. The deal has put Trouw Nutrition at the forefront of mineral nutrition with a portfolio now containing chelated, inorganic, and now the latest hydroxy trace minerals.

“Selko IntelliBond is a class in itself, combining the best of both worlds,” said Mr Zuidhoff.

Trouw has positioned the product as an alternative somewhere in between organic and inorganic trace minerals.

Mr Zuidhoff said the product outperforms inorganic minerals in terms of health, gut integrity and bone strength and could be considered on par with organic trace minerals in terms of effectiveness, but with a much lower cost. Read more>


Cobb’s MV male now available

Cobb’s launch of the new MV male will help the company maintain its leading position in the broiler breeder business, said Joel Sappenfield, president.

(From left) Joel Sappen eld, Garrison Qi and Roger Vessell

The new MV male that was launched across Asia in March will be a “game changer” due to superior reproduc- tive performance at the breeder level and robust growth at the broiler level combined with exemplary feed conver- sion and weight gain.

The MV selection program is based on animal welfare, robustness and enhanced disease resistance as well as performance traits.

The MV line underwent extensive field trials conducted on a commercial scale in extreme environments in Europe, the Middle East and South America, both at the breeder and broiler level.

The bird thrives well on different types of corn and wheat-based diets. The MV male showed better welfare traits and economic results versus its predecessor, said Mr Sappenfield. Read more>

Nutriad expands team

NUTRIAD has appointed a new global marketing director, a marketing commu- nication manager and a technical man- ager for China.

Jeroen De Gussem

Jeroen De Gussem is the new market- ing director and Joke Van De Velde is the marketing communications manager. Both are based at Nutriad’s headquar- ters in Belgium, where they will support Nutriad in its growth ambitions across geographies and species.

Jeroen De Gussem holds a master’s degree in Biotechnology and Laboratory Animal Science and has extensive expe- rience in animal health and nutrition.

Joke Van De Velde was trained as a mar- keting and communications specialist and has worked on brand and content communication in a variety of industries. Read more>