New product overcomes variability in fat and oils

KEMIN ASIA PACIFIC recently unveiled LYSOFORTETM Liquid, a product that it claims improves feed cost and animal growth performance via better fat and nutrient absorption.

Dr C Sugumar and Dr Wantanee Paisarnakanee

“Trials showed that LYSOFORTETM Liquid increased the energy and nutri- tion value of fat and oil,” said Dr C. Sugumar, Kemin Asia Pacific’s business line manager for lipid nutrition.

Tests performed by Kemin’s Customer Laboratory Service on more than 500 samples have found as much as 30% variation in apparent metabolizable energy (AME) values for a single oil type.

To iron out inconsistencies, Dr Sugumar recommends, LYSOFORTETM Liquid, which has been shown to accelerate the hydrolysis of triglycerides – the main constituents of oils and fats – into monoglycerides and free fatty acids, which are readily and rapidly absorbed by the epithelial cells of the intestine.

He added that the product promotes the formation of smaller and more sta- ble micelles which further enhances absorption. This unique twin effect uplifts the AME value of fats and oils by 20% and provides feed cost savings up to USD$2-3 per ton while maintaining growth performance.

As a result of its powerful twin effect on fats and oils, LYSOFORTETM Liquid also improves the absorption of fat-soluble components like vitamins, carotenoids and pigments, he added.

It can be used as an additional ingredi- ent to enhance digestion and absorption of the total fat present in the feed or to partially replace oil or fat being added to diets. Both strategies result in a direct cost saving while still maintaining animal performance.

It is readily mixable with fats and oils. Recommended dose is 200 g per ton of feed.

To support customers with liquid appli- cators, Kemin’s engineers in the field are able to support installation and train- ing to ensure seamless adoption of the product.