Nutriad expands team

NUTRIAD has appointed a new global marketing director, a marketing commu- nication manager and a technical man- ager for China.

Jeroen De Gussem

Jeroen De Gussem is the new market- ing director and Joke Van De Velde is the marketing communications manager. Both are based at Nutriad’s headquar- ters in Belgium, where they will support Nutriad in its growth ambitions across geographies and species.

Jeroen De Gussem holds a master’s degree in Biotechnology and Laboratory Animal Science and has extensive expe- rience in animal health and nutrition.

Joke Van De Velde was trained as a mar- keting and communications specialist and has worked on brand and content communication in a variety of industries.

In China, Dr Wei Wang has been appointed as technical manager for

Dr Wei Wang

China. She completed a total of 10 years of studies in animal nutrition, obtaining a BSc in Animal Science at Southwest University of Science & Technology, an MSc in Swine Nutrition at Sichuan

Agriculture University and a PhD in Applied Biological Science, Swine Nutrition at Ghent University.

In March, Nutriad opened a new palat- ability factory in Nantong, China. The

Dr Wei Wang

new factory, with 10,000-tonne/year capacity, will operate under the FFI (Feed Flavour International) brand, sup- plying products for swine, ruminants and aquaculture.