US meat exports to Vietnam soar

The African swine fever outbreak in Vietnam has given a big boost to American meat exports to Vietnam.

US poultry exports to Vietnam surged 24% by value and 48% by quantity in Q1, 2019 y-o-y. At the same time, demand for feed in Vietnam has plunged due to the outbreaks. Some feed companies have experienced a 30-50% drop in sales.

Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee has been working with wholesale meat packers to prepare adequate amounts of safe pork to meet the city’s demand – 147 tons of pork per day and 400 tons of poultry per day.

Local government is still encouraging businesses to buy healthy pigs and stockpile frozen pork to prepare for potential shortages.

As of mid June, ASF has spread to 58 out of 63 municipalities and provinces across the country with 2.6 million pigs depopulated, equal to nearly 9.4% of the country’s total swine population.