Off-season corn to top 500,000 tonnes

Thailand’s Department of Cooperatives has forecast 537,593 tonnes of off-season corn for the 2019 crop year.
Some 90,375 farmers are growing off-season corn on 122,284 hectares in 37 provinces across the country. Harvest runs from April to May.
Top growing provinces are Nakhon Sawan, Petchaboon and Phitsanulok.
Farmers sell freshly harvested corn with moisture 28-31% at 6-7 baht/kg to buyers in 346 buying locations. The corn is dried to 14.5% moisture and then sold to feed millers at 8.30 baht/kg.
Government sources peg production cost for off-season corn at 6.72 baht/kg, and average yield per hectare at 4.956 tonnes.