US foresees robust poultry exports to China in 2020

China’s decision to lift a five-year ban due to avian influenza on US poultry products has boosted expectations that renewed trade could result in  $1 billion boost for the US poultry industry.

Renewed imports by China will create opportunities for US chicken products and breeding stock as well as turkey and duck as China currently faces a severe pork shortage due to an outbreak of African swine fever. Imports of chicken to China from other countries besides the US soared to US$1.3 billion in the first nine months of 2019.

 Prior to the ban in 2013, US poultry exports to China amounted to around US$500 million. China is a strategic market for wing tips and chicken feet.  In 2013, the tariff on chicken imposed by China was 25%, similar to duties for other countries.

The end of the ban was welcomed by the National Chicken Council (NCC), National Turkey Federation (NTF) and USA Poultry and Egg Export Council (USAPEEC).