TAT debuts real time Overall Equipment Effectiveness software

TAT has bundled Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) into its flagship software packages to help manufacturing operators hone efficiency.

Channarong Preechakul, founder and managing director TAT Energy and Engineering, said OEE has been bundled with Smart EE power management software, Smart Feedmill, Smart Trace and Smart Pellet.

OEE, which measures manufacturing productivity by identifying the percentage of productive manufacturing time, is applicable to all manufacturing industries and boasts an instantaneous reporting system.

The OEE module displays realtime performance of a plant by calculating the OEE percentage of a single or multiple machines. The report is accessible to authorized users in the form of data sets and graphs available on a company’s intranet, and can be connected to messaging applications on mobile phones as well.

OEE enables managers to gauge operational efficiency in real-time so that corrective actions can be made promptly.

Smart Pellet improves OEE of the mill by reducing pelleting start up time and repetitive tasks from reworking. The software monitors steam flow, electricity consumption, and compression ratios to minimize die slips.

The TAT OEE module was developed in collaboration with Khon Kaen University and the Industrial Promotion Department to help small and medium-sized enterprises improve operational efficiency. The software so far has been installed at 40 industrial operations, said Mr Channarong.

More than 5,000 users have Smart EE software installed to keep track of electricity consumption. Smart EE now provides options for users to customize the software to match their own business.

TAT also assists customers in customizing messaging applications such as Line. “Khun Bamrung” is a customized messaging system running on the “Line” application that enables customers to notify TAT’s technical team 24/7 if they need services.

The Khun Bamrung application starts when customers call and notifies staff who are responsible for each particular service type.

It also monitors the status of the job and reminds assigned staff to take action if a job is incomplete. Once the job is done, the system informs all involved persons and the case is closed.

TAT software systems are continuously being developed to keep abreast of mainstream information technology developments such as cloud computing, sensors and the internet of things, block chain and artificial intelligence.

With block chain technology and cloud computing, Smart Trace software enables feed millers to trace lot numbers listing the ingredients of complete feed on a real time basis, and can even prevent fraudulent reporting.