Maximus brings ‘brain-in-the-barn’ management system to Asia

Maximus first made their mark in North America in 2013, quickly converting customers with their advanced livestock management system. Maximus controllers and software were immediately appreciated by production and financial managers for whom precise data management is so important. Although there are a good variety of these systems available, Maximus is the only fully customizable and integrated livestock production management system. In Asia, Maximus will be handled through IntelliFarms Ltd, based in Bangkok and serving Asia Pacific.

Maximus incorporates all aspects of the facilities to be managed within one place, from reading a water meter to running an electronic sow feeding system. No other system on the market can offer this scale of integration – it enables you to automate the parameters of your buildings and your livestock, and remotely and safely control your business from your computer, smartphone or tablet. The Maximus controller is a one-time purchased system that can be upgraded without having to change equipment, backed with a five-year warranty. It is the most reliable and versatile system available.

The technology comes from a dynamic team of industry innovators wholly focused on smart farming and smart controllers. Nizar Barrou and Andre Spilmann have developed the Maximus from the company’s main base in Canada since 2012. They selected the best agriculturists and software developers in the industry to enhance the Maximus Solution for next generation farming.

“The Maximus is more than just a control. It is a management system and has become a Solution partner for our farms and business” said Wesley Lack, vice-president of sales at Maximum Ag Technologies, home of the Maximus controller in the USA.

Now with proven success in North America, the company is launching its operations in Asia through its partner intelliFarm, led by Marc Broadbent. Over the past 25 years, he has bridged markets on either side of the Pacific, bringing new processes and technologies into Asia and adapting them to the market. In the early 2000s, he was one of the first players in bringing new genetics into China, followed by inventive farm systems that greatly increased efficiencies.

“If you put a Maximus controller on top of good genetics and good farming systems, a Maximus system easily pays for itself ten-fold. Maximus will get you realtime data for performance and decision making, linking the farm and the office. A brain in the barn for peace of mind, making things move faster so you can save time and make money,” he said.