South Korea beefs up biosecurity along border

South Korea’s military has ordered troops at the border to shoot any wild pig crossing the DMZ on sight.

The country has so far culled 145,000 pigs to contain ASF infection.
South Korea has reported 13 ASF cases, all of them in areas neighboring North Korea.

Traces of the ASF virus were found in a dead wild boar near the DMZ in Yeoncheon, 1.4 km from the southern limit line of the DMZ. Thus it is highly probable that the wild boar could have originated from North Korea, where an ASF outbreak was reported.

South Korea uses helicopters to spray disinfectants over border areas.

Also, South Korea’s Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs will complete the planned purchase of pigs north of Seoul nearby Paju and Gimpo areas for slaughter and safety checks before the meat is released on the market.