Olmix Asialand touts feed safety and efficiency

Olmix Asialand, the French company’s first offshore plant in Asia, has a single production line with a 1-tonne/batch mixer and two spraying rails for liquids mixing. Barcodes are used for process control and ERP to prepare production and cross checks.

Also, there is ample space to install additional production lines in the future.

Ingredients are sieved to remove foreign materials. Magnets are installed at the intake chutes to prevent tramp metals from getting into the mixer.

The plant is fully automated. Only a handful of operators are needed to keep the facility running.

Three scales are used, one for macro ingredients over one tonne, one for minor ingredients over 200 kg, and one for micro ingredients under 60 kg. Weigh scales are calibrated at least twice a year and mixer calibration once a year. Dust collectors next to the bins keep the factory dust-free.

Finished products are packed in 5-25 kg bags and one-tonne tote bags.