Nuscience launches Babi®, a brand-new range of piglet feed

Nuscience, the specialty division of the Royal Agrifirm Group, is launching a new young animal nutrition program for piglets: Babi®.

The Babi® feeding program consists of 3 piglet feeding lines: Babi® Delicious, for the highest feed intake; Babi® Dynamic, for cost-effective growth performance; and Babi® Robust, for a healthy start.

The main factors determining the choice of pre-starter are the voluntary feed intake of piglets before and around weaning and the health status on the farm. The 3 piglet feeding lines offer farmers a perfect solution for choosing the most convenient pre-starter feed.

The new piglet feeding program focuses on delivering high piglet quality, maintaining a high weaning weight, and reducing the need for antibiotic use.