Hypor Magnus scores high in feed efficiency and meat quality in the US

Recent research at the University of Missouri shows that the Hypor Magnus Duroc boar is more feed efficient than the current leading boar in the U.S.

The 2015 trial compared the feed efficiency of 200 pigs—100 pigs per boar line—up to the average U.S. live market weights of 285 to 300 pounds.

“Statistically, a 0.22 feed conversion difference is significant,” says Hypor Nutritionist and Product Manager Greg Simpson.

During the trial the pigs were allocated a specific amount of feed per weight range and weighed at the end of each weight range. These numbers were used to calculate how much feed the pigs needed to get to the desired market weight.

This trial shows that even at higher weights, the Hypor Magnus is still significantly more feed efficient.

Hypor is constantly testing its products against competitor’s products in North America and Europe.