Nedap unveils wireless activator feeding for lactating sows

Nedap has introduced Nedap Activator, an add-on to Nedap Farrowing Feeding, that automatically drops feed when sows trigger an electronic sensor with their snouts.

“Nedap Farrowing Feeding with wireless Activator gives producers more control to monitor and maximize feed intake during lactation with minimal labor,” said Martin Enderink, sales director for Nedap’s Pig Division.

The Nedap Farrowing Feeder automatically delivers snack-sized feed portions to sows at regular intervals throughout the day to stimulate their appetites. Between scheduled feedings, the Nedap Activator add-on enables sows to “ask” for additional appetizer-sized portions by moving the trigger with their snout.

The wireless Nedap Activator can easily mount to feeders in new or existing farrowing feeding automatic feeding systems.