Cobb launches MV male in strategic markets in Asia

More than 200 broiler breeder producers attended Cobb 4-day technical seminars held in Henan and Liaoning provinces

The advanTages of The new cobb Mv male were outlined to more than 200 delegates at seminars for the Chinese market held in Kaifeng, Henan province, and Haicheng, Liaoning province.

Field data shows the MV male offers superior livability and feed conversion, and ultimately a better European Production Efficiency Factor, said Chanchai Chaikittiporn, Cobb’s technical service manager for China.

Dr Alvin Arucan, Cobb’s regional technical service manager, added that company data indicate the MV male will have at least the same or 1% better hatchability than Cobb’s previous male. Furthermore, it offers at least a 2% superior hatch to competing breeds. Lower male/female ratio means lower feed costs.

Also, COBB has recently introduced the new MV MALE to the Indonesian market, estimated at over 25 million parent stock per year.