Trouw seminar serves up modern poultry nutrition

More than 40 professional experts, poultry nutritionists and managers from leading Philippine feed mills and poultry farm operations were welcomed to a recent seminar in Tagaytay City, Philippines.

Hosted by Trouw Nutrition Asia Co Ltd and Nezus Philippine Corporation, the seminar entitled “Feeding the future – modern poultry nutrition in the Philippines” was aimed at updating customers on Trouw Nutrition’s advances in productivity and improved bottomlines.

“Feeding the future safely depends on strategic agricultural alliances based on joint responsibility throughout the entire poultry management chain from feed mills to farms,” said Trouw Nutrition’s vice-president, Mr Nabil Chinniah, in his opening keynote address.

Dr Chris Cobacha, a consultant and animal feed specialist, emphasized the need for efficient use of non-conventional feed ingredients available locally and new feed formulation strategies.

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Dr Edita Zandee, global product manager for Trouw Nutrition-owned Selko Feed Additives BV  in Tilburg, Netherlands, discussed how metabolic osmolytes in the diet are a viable solution to combat heat stress.

Jose Ma Diez Gata, general manager of broiler operation Sada España, a Nutreco-owned company, explained how a brand severely damaged by a salmonella outbreak could make a comeback by implementing strict hygiene rules,  improved drinking water, and intestinal gut health treatments.

The last presentation on raw feed material quality management, featured Dr kai-J. Kuehlmann, technical manager of Trouw Nutrition for the APEC region. He highlighted Trouw Nutrition’s new mycotoxin testing kit, “The Mycomaster,” which enables feed mills to directly quantify the main six mycotoxins with a five-minute, on-the-spot photometric analysis.