Thailand’s livestock industry dodges Covid-19 fallout

Thailand’s Office of Agricultural Economics has reported steady growth in the country’s  livestock sector, which grew 3.8% in Q1, 2020 line with strong demand both domestically and internationally.

Poultry exporters have seen increasing orders from Japan, Europe and China. Demand for pork is robust due to domestic consumption and orders from overseas. Stronger prices have enticed producers to scale up their operations.  Egg productivity has improved due to improved efficiency. Also, milk yield has increased.

On the other hand, the OAE reported that crop production, and agricultural services shrank in Q1, 2020 due to drought and Covid-19.

Agriculture sector growth overall for all of 2020, however, is forecast to be marginal, at 0.3%. Rice, sugar cane, corn and pineapple production stalled in Q1, but looks set to grow in the second half.

Casava demand remains strong due to demand for alcohol which is a major ingredient in sanitizers. Also, there is strong demand for eucalyptus and old rubber trees that are made into wood pellets destined for Japan.