Scotland-based Food Chain Enterprises woos Asia-Pacific industry

Food Chain Enterprises sees opportunities to improve customer profitability in Asia-Pacific by serving as a sourcing hub for specialists.

The company offers consultancy, auditing, data analysis, project management, and training services across the entire poultry supply chain from great grandparents and hatcheries through to processing and feed milling.

FCE’s specialist poultry consultancy service uses a unique network of poultry industry consultants, each with advanced first-hand knowledge and practical experience.  It offers support to new, established, and integrated poultry businesses around the world by providing tailor-made consultancy plans, from one-off auditing visits of performance and facilities to retained consultancy over an extended period.

All of FCE’s consultants provide advice independent of any manufacturer, producer or equipment supplier.

FCE also provides a range of training services to create development opportunities for people at the organisational, team or individual level.  All training courses are designed to exceed any minimum training requirements and can be delivered in-house or at local venues to suit your business needs. All training programmes can be backed up by tailor-made remote training to suit customer needs

FCE’s base at Roslin, which is close to Scotlands’ new Poultry Science Research Centre and a number of other world-renowned research facilities, means the company can collaborate with other agri-tech business while keeping up to date with the latest poultry research.

FCE’s team is made up of veterans in global poultry supply chain industries: Jim Johnston, director; Michael Longley, managing consultant; Emma Longley, operations & business development manager.  For further information please visit