Scio+: Using innovative data science solutions to transform livestock production on the farm and across the value chain

“at scio+, we address the missing link between data science and business value; we specialize in providing profit-optimiz- ing, data-driven, actionable insight solutions for the livestock industry.” Casper Tribler, Scio+ CEO.

In recent years, the livestock production industry has been primarily focused on value creation through optimizing efficiency of the product chain in a decision- by-decision, silo-type process. However, a paradigm shift is being introduced by Scio+, by implementing proven business models from forward-thinking industries such as telecoms, healthcare, finance and insurance to the food industry in an integrated, big-picture manner.

Who we are

Scio+ was established in November 2016 and quickly secured its first customer project in February 2017. Today, Scio+ has a team of about 20 highly experienced, innovative, pioneering data science talents and is currently implementing poultry-based solutions globally across Asia, Europe and Africa, analyzing 1⁄2 billion broilers per year.

“Our unique access to best-in-class data science experts and deep understanding of the livestock industry has positioned

Scio+ to be a long-term, trusted business transformation partner for our customers,” said Mr Tribler.

“In fact, Scio+ has 100+ years expertise within computer science, statistics and data modelling, and business knowledge with the sole purpose of commercializing data and optimizing our customers’ livestock production profits on the farm, as well as across the value chain.”

What we do

Providing data science solutions for unsolved challenges and raising the bar for how the industry effectively solves known problems is at the core of Scio+. Scio+ customers are able to reap the data science benefits and gain maximum profit potential from their livestock production.

The livestock food production industry has embarked on an unstoppable digitalization of processes, creating new synergies and value from converging big data, the Internet of Things and data science into powerful actionable insights. Scio+ is at the forefront of this development, creating a positive difference by optimizing profits on the farm and across the production value chain.

At Scio+, the focus is on solving user challenges and empowering customers to make informed decisions based on data driven actionable insights by explaining what happened, what is happening now, why it happened, what might happen, what is likely to happen and how to achieve the best outcome on the farm and across the production value chain.

Scio+ can, for example, help answer the questions of how can I deliver the right broiler at the right time, or how can I select the right batch for processing to meet my sales orders. Scio+ provides these answers through fully automated, secure and scalable data science solutions analyzing and predicting key industry parameters such as weight, uniformity and population. In addition, Scio+ has the in-house poultry livestock business expertise to analyze trends and predict values for a variety of other key performance indicator parameters such as FCR, ADWG, mortality, PEF, rejects, density etc.

Future initiatives for expansion of Scio+’s unique data solutions into egg and pig farming are well underway.

Providing integrated data science solutions

Prospective customers who have both the data and digital ambition to transform their poultry livestock production can benefit by partnering with Scio+. Solutions to defined customer user challenges are achieved by utilizing relevant technologies taking into account the customer’s current digital maturity and big data capabilities; thus optimizing the customer’s profits from day one, and providing assistance to develop data capabilities supporting the customer’s digital vision going forward.

Where we are

Located in Aarhus, Denmark, at the Agro Food Park, Scio+ has chosen this world-class food innovation hub as its headquarters due to its focus on food agriculture research, with over 80 food technology companies employing around 1,500 employees.

Work with us

Scio+ is engaging with global customers as well as supplying data science models to third parties. “We are committed to driving the digital transformation of the livestock production industry, and we understand that people and solving real customer challenges, not only technology, are crucial to the success of the digital transformation puzzle,” said Mr Tribler.

If you are looking for a dynamic livestock production expert and professional partner to analyze the past, the present, and predict the future for your livestock production, then Scio+ is ready to help you unlock that untapped profitability and growth for your business.

Talk to us

We are always interested in talking to new potential customers, partners and employees. If you want to know more about opportunities for working with Scio+, please contact CEO Casper Tribler through email (casper.tribler@, LinkedIn: caspertribler or call +4591918891.