Progressus AgriSchools training programs in 2016

Progressus, in conjunction with Kasetsart University – Kamphaeng Saen Campus and worldwide industry experts, has created a comprehensive and detailed set of chapters for each AgriSchools course. AgriSchools are ‘certified’ residential short-courses (5 days) specifically designed to bring professional in the fields of Agriculture, Livestock and Aquaculture up-to-date with the very latest management methods and technologies.


The university certified courses are independent, unbiased, set in a university setting and are delivered by university and independent Industry experts. All materials are constantly reviewed and updated to ensure AgriSchools’ participants receive the latest industry industry knowledge, best practices and standards.


All participants will be presented with a Certificate of Completion at the end of the AgriSchool from Kasetsart University and Progressus.



Scheduled in 2016:

  • Certificate in Layer Production and Management          23-27 May
  • Certificate in Livestock Feed Mill Management               11-15 July
  • Certificate in Aqua Nutrition Management                      26-30 September
  • Certificate in Ruminant Production and Management  10-14 October
  • Certificate in Aqua Feed Milling                                          21-25 November



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