Novus Support layer producers with an innovative system to measure eggshell strength

Novus International in collaboration with Dr. Yuwares Ruangpanit from Animal Science Department, Kasetsart University, Kamphaengsaen Campus in Thailand developed and recently launched the Eggshell Grading and Scoring System (eGss).

This system consists of a specially designed box to illuminate the intact egg, giving it a translucent image. The grading and scoring of eggs are done based on the area of light passing through eggshell and the evenness of light distribution across the shell surface. The result or scores of the eggs is correlated to eggshell strength and shell thickness based on data from trials conducted by Kasetsart University. A poster of the scoring guide as well as a how-to video is provided to the completed kit.  This could help Novus’s layer customers in primarily evaluating eggshell quality to ensure more saleable eggs in their operations.

Cracked and broken eggs are key challenges faced by layer producers affecting their performance and profitability. According to Dr. Yuwares Ruangpanit “Sending eggs to laboratories pose several challenges since logistics and transit time affects the egg quality before they are even tested. Having a system such as the eGss box can support farmers and producers to quickly and more cost efficiently test egg quality at their own site.

This system will allow producers to monitor their egg quality at site, enabling them to respond quickly by adjusting nutrition and management to improve eggshell strength and thickness, two key parameters that can affect their profitability per day. This Egg Grading and Scoring System can also be useful for educational purposes. Students are able to use it for research and also expand the studies from eggshell quality and strength to more in depth studies on the effect of age as well as genetics.”

Dr. Dexter Abrigo, Strategic Marketing and Technology Director at Novus International Southeast Asia Pacific shares that “ We are happy to introduce a very useful and practical tool to our layer farmers which comes at a time wherein we want to improve egg shell quality, not only to increase the number of saleable eggs but also to improve food safety. Collaborating with KU team led by Dr Yuwares has been instrumental in the development of this tool and we will be seeing more studies done with KU that will bring more insights in gut health through nutrition for the region.”