Switzerland’s Pancosma targets brand breakthrough

With a new office in Thailand, Pancosma is ready to offer a complete line of  the latest products supported by top-notch marketing and customer service, according to Chaitat Bunteralert, deputy managing director of Pancosma Thailand Co Ltd.

The Bangkok office is the Swiss firm’s first business unit to open in Southeast Asia, and comes after the opening of a China office.  That location, however, is combined with a blending plant that will serve customers in China only, he noted.

Pancosma has recruited marketing, sales and support teams for its Bangkok venture, and will register new products due to roll out beginning in the second half of 2014.

The office in Samut Sakhon, 30 km south of Bankgok, is large enough to keep 200 tons of stock on hand, but can also arrange air freight to deliver products directly from Europe and Canada to Bangkok in case of shortages. A contingency warehouse in a prime location is also planned. All preparations are being done to ensure that customer operations will not be interrupted. The office offers customers prompt delivery and technical services while creating a platform for Pancosma to launch marketing campaigns for new products.

The distribution network in Thailand is becoming wider, especially because the company is working with 10 sub-distributors countrywide to ensure that customers in remote and faraway locations can easily gain access to Pancosma products.

(Left) Patcharin Maneeroj, sales manager – South East Asia and Chaitat Bunteralert, deputy managing director Pancosma Thailand Co., Ltd.

(Left) Patcharin Maneeroj, sales manager – South East Asia and Chaitat Bunteralert, deputy managing director Pancosma Thailand Co., Ltd.

Pancosma’s goal in Asia Pacific is to become a market leader in organic minerals and bioactive products, while developing also its other ranges of products such as palatants, the core business of Pancosma with the flavors range (TEK® brand) and the sweeteners (SUCRAM® range).

A new generation of organic minerals containing Fe, Cu, Zn and Mn and available in glycinate and proteinate forms will arrive by the end of 2015. These products will be offered under the range branded B-TRAXIM®.

Besides, “Pancosma aims to take plant bioactives to the next level,” Mr Chaitat added. XTRACT® is expected to become a leading brand in Thailand. A micro-encapsulated natural active substances derived from spices and plant extracts, for instance capsicum, cinnamon, etc.

XTRACT® is used to enhance gut integrity and improve feed utilization. There are strong opportunities in the herbal and natural extract segment, he said, adding that Pancosma’s Bioactives product group is a reliable, cost-effective natural solution for better growth performance. XTRACT® can replace antibiotic growth promoters. That’s especially important for Thai poultry producers who are looking to tap niche markets where antibiotic growth promoters are prohibited and conventional anti-coccidiostats are not eligible.

To come back on the palatants, the Pancosma group aims to strengthen the market position of TEK®, which contains flavoring palatants, and SUCRAM®, a sweetener. Pancosma first pioneered sweetener and flavoring palatants in Thailand 30 years ago.  As Pancosma keeps on innovating continuously new solution to best suit the market challenges, “Molasweet®,” a flavoring palatant for cattle, is the newest product.

PanAcid®, a range of acidifiers, will see a soft launch before year’s end. Acidifiers are a viable solution to improve gut integrity and animal health as well as reduce risks caused by salmonella contamination. PanAcid® features antimicrobial and mould protection for raw materials and complete feed. It solves dysbosis – the inability to digest solid feed – in young piglets during the weaning.

The latest product of the range is called PROBA®, and a promotional campaign is planned for 2015. PROBA® is an encapsulated slow-release acidifier that is active from the duodenum down to the colon. This group of acid products will cover swine, poultry and ruminants.

More recently, Pancosma group has decided to go one step further with the TakTik® Approach. The objective of this new concept is to combine our existing knowhow to offer transversal and all-in-one solutions to customer for specific applications where Pancosma will be able to propose unique and exclusive but also innovative and cost-effective solutions to key customers.

Pancosma products have unique physical properties based on an ISO-FUSION Technology®(IFT®). IFT® is a manufacturing process developed to overcome issues of segregation and uneven distribution in mixing, which lead to loss of efficacy. Indeed IFT® ensures protection of the active ingredients, uniformity of the density of the particles and amount of active substances and excellent dispersion of the additive in the feed.

“The years 2014 and 2015 are going to be big for Pancosma Thailand,” he said. The company has enjoyed sales growth of 10% a year. Pancosma’s research and development teams have consistently introduced 4-5 new products every year. Global sales are expected to double by 2020, with Thailand contributing around 5% of the total revenue.