Phytogenic feed additives as solution for challenges in livestock production

Between sixty and seventy percent of the total costs in livestock production are feed costs and they continue to rise. Not only the economic factor, but also animal health, product quality and environmental protection are important issues concerning feeding of farm animals. Meaningful and targeted alternatives are sought – and found. The Upper Austrian family business Delacon, world leader in phytogenic (purely natural) additives, presented its innovations as well as a new Corporate Design at EuroTier, the world’s leading trade fair for livestock production, which took place from November, 11th to 14th 2014 in Hannover.

Delacon1_LAs a driver of innovation and ideas in agriculture, the EuroTier has a lot to offer. Every two years, the global animal husbandry industry meets at this leading trade fair in Hanover. With 156,000 visitors from more than 100 countries, the EuroTier 2014 has far exceeded expectations, says the German Agricultural Society (DLG) who organized the trade fair.
At EuroTier 2014 Delacon proved once again its role as pioneer and global leader, and presented phytogenics in a brand new way: with natural solutions for the necessary efficiency and a booth in a new, simplified corporate design, where phytogenic feed additives became perceptible to the senses. The Delacon booth was crowded, at peak time more than 70 attendees from over 20 nations were at the booth. “The week at the EuroTier was very successful. We presented a new corporate design as well as an expanded product line for ruminants and received great feedback from distributors, customers, partners and journalists from all over the world. A successful start in the new era of Delacon” , says Markus Dedl, CEO of Delacon.

Phytogenic feed additives become perceptible to the senses
At this year’s EuroTier in Hanover, in addition to being scientifically explained, phytogenic feed additives became perceptible to the senses at the Delacon booth. A tree of four meters height served as an eye-catcher at the booth. A closer look revealed that booth visitors can not only consult Delacon’s international specialists or new brochures and fact sheets about the company and its products, but also should use their sense of smell. At the installed scent bar they could experience and guess a selection of natural substances that are used in Delacon’s phytogenic feed additives.

Delacon shines in new design
Just in time for EuroTier 2014 not only the ACTIFOR® product family but also the design of Delacon2_LDelacon shined in new splendor: new logo, new company brochure, new product folders and leaflets, new business cards, new giveaways, a new website and an eye-catching booth at EuroTier are just a few highlights of the first roll-out phase of the new design.
“In the 25 years of our existence we have evolved steadily. Therefore, it was also time for a relaunch of the design. With a clearly differentiated appearance, a strong and internationally homogeneous Corporate Design we reinforce our position as professional, reliable partner as well as pioneer in phytogenic feed additives”, states CEO Markus Dedl and continues: “It is our aim to make optimum use of the power of nature. In other words, we are performing nature and this will be our slogan for the future.”

Innovation and quality as key success factors
The animal welfare is increasingly becoming the focus of public interest. Moreover the pressure in terms of food safety and environmental protection increases. The international agriculture is facing great challenges. Especially in Western Europe, farmers are affected by various new regulations and social requirements. “To meet all those present and future challenges, research and quality management are the beating heart of Delacon. Our products are traceable and leave no residues in neither meat, milk nor eggs.”
Delacon annually invests ten percent of its revenues in research and development. The products, for example, are tested under controlled conditions and continuously developed at Delacon’s own research farm, the Performing Nature Research Center (PNRC) in Znojmo, Czech Republic. At the company’s headquarters and production facility in Steyregg, Upper Austria, the quality of every product that leaves the production is checked. Thus, the quality of products can be ensured at all times – from the supplier of raw materials to the customers.

Plants instead of antibiotics – a vision that is alive
More than a quarter of a century ago, Delacon began to invest in research and development. The vision behind: To replace antibiotic growth promoters with phytogenic feed additives and thus to ensure sustainable livestock production and food safety on a global scale. The company already achieved many milestones, like for example the zootechnical EU registration of FRESTA® F, more will follow.
“Our mission is to improve the efficiency in animal nutrition, animal health and food safety by new combinations of natural substances while minimizing the environmental impact. And this is the way we will continue”, says CEO Markus Dedl and declares: “We are aware that this is an ambitious aim, but the global market development in recent years gives us confidence that the process of rethinking already is or becomes an issue in the near future. The EuroTier 2014 once more confirmed this.”