Latest issue: Volume 13 No.6

  • Germany’s Phytobiotics invests more than US$10 million to upgrade facilities in China and Brazil,
    and gives production capacity in Germany a boost
  • Thailand’s PKP6 Farm strengthens competitiveness with investment in a slaughterhouse, expanded feed mill capacity and a new pork retail business
  • Raw material trends
  • Grimaud Freres discusses the global duck genetics business, its efforts to sustain the leading position of Pekin Star 53, and the strategy behind placing breeding operations in diverse global locations
  • Betagro makes animal welfare one of the core objectives of its farm production strategy
  • Feeding Ecobiol® (B. amyloliquefaciens CECT 5940) reduces pathogenic micro ora in the intestine and improves broiler performance
  • Patented seaweed technology at the service of immunity and production
  • Phytogenics user’s guide: How to assess plant extract based products in five steps with the FITEK method
  • Structural diversity and analysis by HPLC-ELSD of Yucca schidigera Roezl. (yucca) saponins
  • Prevention of necrotic enteritis by a synergistic non-antibiotic feed additive in broiler chickens
  • Getting the right mix right: Process moisture and mill hygiene using Trouw Nutrition’s innovative solutions
  • Why copper and zinc favor antimicrobial resistance
  • Poultry antibiotic-free production and food safety
  • Heat stress in pigs – What it means for the gut and production
  • Innovative fumonisin deactivation expands to extruded feeds