DSM initiative tops at Asian Export Awards 2020

Dr Mongkok Kaewsutas

DSM Nutritional Products (Thailand)’s ‘We Make It Possible’ initiative won the Animal Care Award at the Asian Export Awards 2020 for its efforts in advancing the sustainable production of animal protein.

Dr Mongkol Kaewsutas, general manager of DSM Nutritional Products Thailand and Indochina, said DSM has a long and rich heritage in creating sustainable solutions. “‘We Make it Possible’ is our answer to the world’s growing population and increasing demand for animal protein,” he said.

Dr Peter Fisher, regional vice-president for Animal Nutrition and Health APAC, said the initiative was developed after many years of innovation and investment in scientific solutions.

“‘We Make it Possible’ seeks to accelerate progress towards a more sustainable future by creating solutions which target the growing animal production industry – a significant contributor towards greenhouse gas emissions.  Asia Pacific is one of the largest producers and consumers of animal protein, and we will continue to create solutions that can make animal farming more sustainable,” said Dr Fisher.

Aligning with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 2, 3, 12, 13, and 14, the ‘We Make it Possible’ initiative is driven by six sustainability platforms facing the animal husbandry industry, namely:

1.              Improving the lifetime performance of farm animals

2.              Improving the quality of food (i.e. meat, fish, milk, eggs), while reducing food loss and waste

3.              Reducing emissions from livestock

4.              Making efficient use of natural resources

5.              Reducing reliance on marine resources

6.              Helping tackle anti-microbial resistance

DSM maintains a strong presence in Thailand with partnerships with locally-based agencies such as GAIN, intent on advancing a sustainable future. In addition to local partnerships, DSM works with NGOs like the UN World Food Programme; World Bank Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition; Ellen McArthur Foundation; amongst others.

The Asian Export Awards is organised by Singapore Business Review (SBR), a magazine that caters to business communities in Singapore. The award aims to recognise Asia’s leading exporters across various industries such as agriculture, animal care, food and food safety and others